Two Hottest Apps That Pay You To Take Pictures

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Imagine that one weekend, you are out buying groceries or shopping for clothes. Then a buddy of yours sends you a text asking you to take pictures of some things in the store or mall, and in return, they pay you $10. Would you do it?

It wouldn’t hurt, right? You’re out there anyway! You’re doing stuff you’ve always done for these years. You might as well earn that $10 while you’re at it.

But you know what? That doesn’t have to end with just your imagination. That could totally happen in real life! Well, except for the part where your buddy texts you. But you can definitely get paid for taking pictures using just your phone!

So how can you make that happen? Since you’re going to take the pictures on your phone, you’re going to need the apps as well. And right now, we’re going to talk about these two apps that pay you to go out there and take pictures.


Big companies always want to expand their businesses to other places. One of those places could be where you live. And when they want to expand or even just to improve their presence in your area, they will need eyes and ears there. That’s where you come in, through Roamler.

One of the jobs you can do through Roamler is to take pictures around the area. They will need input on where to market their products and services. They will need information as to where they can place their ads. Or they could just need pictures of consumers enjoying their products and services. You can provide that easily, and you will get paid.

Another way you can do it is think of original and creative ways to promote their products around your area. Of course, there will be much bigger pay for that.

Field Agent

If you fancy something more thrilling and more James Bond-ish, then the Field Agent app is the one for you.

Through Field Agent, you can work as a “spy” for companies who want intel on their competition around your area. Or maybe these are just companies just checking on their retailers. Whatever it is, it will all be anonymous. You won’t know which company posted the job, and that company won’t know the identity of their field agent. It’s all confidential.

Now in order to be more effective on spying on their competitors or retailers, companies would want to be as discreet as possible. That’s why they trust on unsuspected Field Agents like you to do the spy work for them. Through the Field Agent app, you can choose your mission, and you can choose them according to what is convenient to you. It’s as easy as that.

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