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Always had that dream of working at home, at your own time, in your own place and at your own pace?

Ever heard of online jobs but never really gotten around to checking it out because you were afraid or thought that jobs on the internet are reserved for highly techie people?

Maybe you wanted to delve into it but never really gotten used to the idea or felt comfortable with it?

Normal jitters for people who want to take the leap, but never really quite sure if they can survive the dive.

A lot of people especially those working in corporate who want to spend more time at home by doing online jobs instead often have a problem with knowing where and how to begin.

That’s understandable considering that you have to ease yourself towards the online world before you can make any serious amount of money.

The initial cash flow would be just enough usually to pay for the phone or internet bill, but they won’t really keep the lights and the water flowing if you catch my drift.


Luckily, you don’t have to necessarily do a full on nose-first dive, you can dip your toes and have a feel of the water first through transcribing.

Basically, transcribing is listening to a recording or an audio file and copying or typing down what you hear on the audio files.

Transcribing needs minimal skills, usually, an average to above average typing speed and a good knack for following instructions is the bare minimum, but it is a good way to earn money online, while you maintain your day job and get a feel of how online jobs work.

Here are 5 websites that would help you jumpstart your online career through transcribing:

  1. Quicktate

Quicktate is a good starting point for newbie transcriptionist. They pay per word twice a month through Paypal at ¼ to ½ cents, depending on the contract. Like any other company, they would require you to take a typing test and other exams when signing up. Quicktate also does background checks mainly because of the sensitive nature of some of their projects. It sounds scarier than it really is, trust us.

2. Scribie

Scribie is one of the go to sites for transcriptionists. They used to be known as Call Graph and is a great option for beginners. Scribie only requires that you have a dollar in your account to cash out, perfect for quick cash jobs for that pizza party on the weekends. Just to set proper expectations though, Scribie has one of the lowest-payouts on this list at only $10 per hour of audio that you transcribe. Like other sites, you will be required to take a transcription test.

3. TranscribeMe

Newbies and veterans flock to TranscribeMe making work on the site, very, very favorable. Veteran and newcomers come to the site because they pay $20 per audio hour. Plus TranscribeMe has an automated grading system for their exam making signing up very easy. TranscribeMe often assigns short audio files, at about 10 seconds each and they pay through Paypal on a weekly basis.

4. AccuTran Global

AccuTran Global is a transcription company that is open to hiring beginners and transcription newbies. Like all websites here, they will require you to take a test to see your level of competency. Your transcription work will be scheduled, but it will be base on your availability on a weekly basis. Be warned that most of the transcription work here involves business and financial conference calls. They have different payouts for beginner transcriptionist and senior transcriptionist.

5. Amazon mTurk

Amazon mTurk is a great place to search for transcription jobs for beginners… if you can find one. Transcription work here is project based and you don’t necessarily have to apply to any specific company or owner. With that comes the consequence of somethings having high paying jobs and low paying ones. Just create an account on Amazon MTurk and search for easy transcription job that you are comfortable with. Sometimes other companies source out their transcription work here.

That’s it, five websites that any aspiring online worker can go to and start transcribing their way to a home-based, well-paying career online.

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