Top 5 Website for Making Extra Cash Online

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Nowadays there are a lot of sites on the internet that are connecting people and businesses with the ones who have skills and goods they need. For those people who have a lot of free time and want to earn a few bucks (and aren’t ready to start their own business right now), here are 5 of these websites which can help you make some extra cash.

Mechanical Turk

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Mechanical Turk is a program that is being run by Amazon, it’s a site where anyone can sign up and complete simple tasks, such as choosing between which of two pictures depicts a bridge, to make a few cents for every task they complete. After you get some practice and get a hang of it, you can easily make a few dollars an hour. If you focus enough on this, you can earn money as much as minimum wage.


Do you have an expensive item just laying around at home, like a vacuum cleaner or a camera? You can use these things to make some extra cash by renting them out for a day or a week on This site provides you a proper way to rent your items to other members on the sites in your area. If any of your items are very high quality and are somewhat unique, you’ll get some pretty good rates for them. Renatlic is expanding very rapidly.

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Task Rabbit

Are you done with your Saturday chores with a lot of time to spare? If yes, then might be exactly the site for you. You’re a “runner” and you bid on various short errands that “senders” have posted to be done, like walking their dog, raking leaves or making deliveries for them. You can take up as many assignments as you want and you receive your payment through the site. For now, TaskRabbit is currently active in San Francisco and Boston, but the site is expanding very quickly and soon it will be working in other cities too. So if you find it interesting then you should definitely check it out and apply.


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Fotolia is a website which gives you a platform to sell your photos that you’ve taken for stock photography usage. Like if a publisher wants a picture of a beach or a busy city street, the publisher can pursue you through Fotolia and purchase the rights to use that picture in his publications and you get a share of that money. So if you’re a photography hobbyist, Fotolia is a really good place to make some dough for some of your best clicks.


Zirtual may be the most time consuming but the most rewarding site on this list. On Zirtual you sign up to act as a Zirtual Assistant for busy people. The person you sign up to assist will send you tasks to do for them, like write emails, do some research or some personal tasks. The pay is initially 11$ an hour, and Zirtual assistants work weekdays full time.

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