Top 3 Ways To Make Your First $100 Online

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Given the fact that many of us are putting in efforts to increase our incomes, $100 may not seem to be a worthwhile goal. Before getting into how to make your first $100 online, let’s know what are the 3 top ways that you should focus on if you are really interested in reaching out to that goal. The good thing about $100 goal is that it is realistic and achievable and when you actually accomplish it, you get the much needed confidence that you have to set bigger goals in future.

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Google AdSense The most tested way of making good money online is through Google AdSense. This is in fact one of the best ways that a webmaster can monetize. Most webmasters make a website, add content and just start making some money from AdSense. But you need to understand that for a consistent income from AdSense, you need to follow the rules and put in efforts.

Affiliate marketing Don’t restrict yourself to AdSense only. Though it is an easy way of making money but you can earn more from traffic through combining AdSense with affiliate marketing. A lot of webmasters believe that affiliate marketing is the best way of making your first $100. With this type of marketing, you do not need as much amount of traffic as you need for AdSense.

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But still you need high quality traffic that converts. For example, I have a household appliance site and the products sell for $500-$2000. With 10 percent commission from the affiliate network, I need $1000 sale to make the first $100 and it is not that difficult.

Building links With latest Google updates, there have been a lot of people believing that the links are dead but that is not the case. Now content is becoming important but at the same time, content has to be properly backed up with quality links. Links are to the search engines what votes are in elections.

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They truly matter a lot. And generally it takes efforts on your side to get the ball rolling. You need to remember that the links you build should have value. You should not spam links to get higher rankings. You can get links from a lot of sources like article directories, guest blogging, RSS feeds, web directories, web 2.0 properties, blog commenting, video sites, forums, social bookmarks etc.

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So, if you are doing all this on your own, it will be a tedious task but it is always better that you try to do it yourself before outsourcing it to other people and paying them for the same. As you build quality links, avoid taking any sort of link building service which promises you a whole bunch of links instantly. It will only get you banned or penalized from search engines and you will not be able to make any money.

Also avoid building links at one go. Build the links slowly like one or two in a day or so. Just steer clear of the quick fixes and put in proper time to build links. This way, you will be able to make your first $100 in no time.

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