TOP 2 Websites That Pay You For Feedback

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You may have encountered sites that… “need some working on”. Do you ever get annoyed when you arrive at a site that’s just poor in design, or there’s an important function that doesn’t work, or the grammar is just unbearable?

Did you know that encounters like that can be an opportunity to make money?

People who manage websites or blogs want their sites to be pristine and as attractive as possible. A better and more attractive page means more profit for them (if they are monetizing their website, which is the case more often than not). But since we can’t be all perfect, these people still make some errors here and there. That’s why they need YOUR input and are willing to pay you for it.

But you can’t simply send them a message containing a list of their website’s flaws and expect to get paid, now can you? If you do that, the best you’ll probably get is a “thank you” note. So, how do you actually get paid doing this?

Well, there are websites that make this happen. They act as the middle party and make the job available to anyone who would want to make easy money just by reviewing websites. Usually, each review would take five to thirty minutes, depending on you of course.

Just a note. The reviews will be in video form, so you will need to have a decent microphone. The screen recorder will be provided by the websites. Let’s take a look at a few of these websites.

User Test

One of these websites is called User Test. Once you create an account here, you will need to download their very own screen recorder. It’s a personalized recording software with some other features that would be helpful for reviewing the websites you want to review. As you voice out your review and record your video, the software will also be providing you with guide questions that will help you give more comprehensive and thorough reviews as you make the video.

You’re only supposed to record a 5-minute review on the site. When you’re done reviewing the website, the Screen Recorder will automatically process it and submit it to User Test for assessment. You can expect your payment in a few days. User Test pays in GBP and pays £8 (which is roughly $10-$12) for every 5-minute review video you submit.

Getting at least $10 from making 5-minute review is a pretty generous offer, to be honest. But User Test also sets the bar high in terms of content and potential to actually improve the website. User Test approves only 5% of the videos sent to them. So, if you’re determined to make some money here, you will need to make sure that your reviews will indeed be helpful.

User Testing

This is NOT to be confused with the User Test that we just discussed above. This is a totally different website. With User Testing, you can choose to review not just websites, but also apps. Unlike in User Test, not every video you send will be scrutinized and run the risk of being disapproved (therefore unpaid). Upon registration in User Testing, you will need to take a one-time sample test. If you pass the that test, you will be eligible to review websites under User Testing. That one test will qualify all your videos from then on out (therefore, all reviews you make are paid).

User Testing also has its own screen recording software to help you produce your reviews. They pay $10-$15 for every 20-minute review that you submit and gets accepted.

User Testing has been receiving great feedback and comments from Good Morning America, the Huffington Post, Lifehacker, and The Wall Street Journal. And with Apple, Microsoft, eBay, and many other well-known companies as regular clients, User Test is easily one of the best sites to start getting a website-reviewing gig.


Based on this information, you now have enough insight as to which site would be most suitable for you. Each as its own pros and cons. But with them, you can be a part of the solution and have the right to say, “I helped improve that website”. Now go voice out your thoughts and make some money while you’re at it!

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