Free Tools To Help You Make Money Online

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It may sometimes be difficult to do marketing alone. Thanks to different tools and sites which are the product of the wonders of technology. They allow us to make money online an easy and convenient way to do.

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Since one of the purposes of most online businesses and jobs is to still find time for yourself or other activities you have, using these tools will help you create a strong presence online while selling your products and services without the need of being anywhere on the websites for the whole 24 hours.

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Google AdSense. This is the advertising platform of Google which will allow you sign up, post a code on your website, and let advertisements show up automatically.

Amazon. This is not just simply an online shopping for some. Long time users find this helpful not just because of its popularity where there are lots of customers who intentionally look for products here, but because it offers features useful for bloggers and site owners.

They have a search tool that allows customers to look for the right product or service on their site and banner, text and ad styles that can be displayed on your site. You will be given an Amazon link where the customer could purchase the product and you will receive your commission through your bank account.

Upwork/Elance. This is one of the most favorite sites of freelancers. It offers wide varieties of jobs that suit the skills of the majority of job seekers like copywriting, data entry, technical jobs, graphic designs, resume building, and editing. You just need to sign up and create a profile, and then choose from a variety of jobs on your choice, place a bid, and do the task.

Fiverr. This freelancer site is preferred by most writers and bloggers. You also need to sign up and create your profile, provide your short and brief introduction about your skill or invitation to clients to use your service. The good thing about this site is that it never limits you to just focus on one skill that you have.

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You can also use multiples of them just like graphic designs, voice over, transcription or music making all at the same time as long as you can cope up with the schedule of submission of the tasks you receive.

Hootsuite. This tool is one of the most likable types of CRMs. This is convenient to use because it can help you save your time in marketing your products or services. It allows you to be present in different websites all at the same time, receive notification if you have new customers, and send invoices if a new customer purchases your offer.

Bluehost. Primarily used for building websites or web hosting, this manageable tool lets you update, administer, and track your domains. Using a custom technology, it has features and capabilities of driving traffic to your website. You can also use this to create email accounts that you can use for email marketing.