Three Easy Tricks To Make Money On Your Phone

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If you were to make list of things that you ALWAYS do every day regardless if you’re at work or on a vacation or at a party, what would be the things on that list? Eating? Sleeping? Checking your phone? These are menial things people automatically almost as subconsciously as breathing.

But what if you could get paid by just doing these things?

With technology and the world of business evolving at a pace that just keeps getting faster, earning money from a daily habit is far from impossible—specifically the habit of checking your phone.

What do today’s smartphones need in order to function? Apps. And there’s an app for everything now. There’s an app for fitness, for finances; hey, there’s even an app that teaches you how to cuddle! Seriously.

App developers are continuously innovating that push the mobile app to cover wider scopes of functionality. Thank goodness that this wide span has already covered apps that help you make money!

One of these apps is called Qustodian. It has been around for some years now, and still growing in features and in potential. Now, you’re going to find out just how you can make money using this app.

Look Through Ads

Qustodian, at its very core, is an app that displays personalized ads. But it doesn’t just display random ads out there. It will show you the stuff that are of your own interest. So these are ads that you would actually like to see! Of course, that means you’re going to have to answer a few questions at first in order to make your ads more and more personalized.

So how does looking at ads earn money for you?

Simple! Brands want their products to be noticed by consumers and they pay for their products and services to be advertised in different platforms. Those platforms include Qustodian. Qustodian gets paid by the advertisers, and a part of that payment goes to you!

Cash Backs

One clever thing that Qustodian also includes is that considering that you would actually buy the products or services being shown on the app. And if that’s the case, you get cash backs as well! That means you will get back a fraction of the money you spent buying that product.

But how is that possible?

It is possible through affiliate marketing. If you’re not familiar with affiliate marketing, you can see more details about it through this article. But basically, Qustodian, again, gets paid whenever a customer buys a product using their app or link. And part of the payment—you can guess it right—goes back to YOU!


There’s also a bonus being given to those who share this app to other people. When you get other people (maybe your friends, relatives, etc.) to use Qustodian through a link that you give them, you’ll be getting bonuses!

So what are you waiting for? Go download the app now!

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