This App Pays You Just For Being Online!

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Imagine one day, you’re just having a casual walk. You decide to go to a mall and just go window shopping. As you enter stores in the mall one by one, the store managers approach you and express their gratitude for you entering their stores. Before you step out, they give you a bit of cash to express their gratitude even more. And this goes for every single store that you visit inside the mall.

Is this scenario you have just imagined a possible one? Perhaps in the physical sense, it is. Of course, no one’s going to pay you for merely entering their establishment. They expect you to pay THEM when you buy their products. But take note, I used the words “in the physical sense”.

Yes, physically and literally visiting a store won’t make that happen. But doing it in a digital sense—that’s a different story!

Believe it or not, there is a computer app that allows you to earn money just by “window shopping” online! Actually, it pays you just by BEING online!

This computer app is called Qmee. It’s an extension that you can install on your browser. For mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, there’s an app for that too available on iOS and Android.

How It Works

Qmee is basically an online shopping tool with a lot of ads. It provides you with a panel where you can add products that you would like to compare. This would eliminate the need for you to switch between tabs every time you want to compare products in online store like Amazon and eBay. Just a simple drag to the panel, and they will stay there, and you can compare them.

Also, with this app and browser extension, you could get discount coupons and gift cards that would come in handy when you want to buy something through online stores.

So, what kinds of things can you do to earn money on Qmee?

Window Shop

As already mentioned above, simply visiting online retailers such as Amazon, eBay, Target, etc. or just by simply doing an online search using Google or Bing will already get you paid. The money that Qmee uses to give a payout to its users mainly come from ads. Since this app is directly displayed on your browsers and mobile devices, companies take the opportunity to put their ads in there. They pay good money to have their ads on Qmee, and the app uses that money to reward its users.

Yes, I know ads suck and they sometimes spoil the experience when you’re using the Internet. But in this case, these ads give you money so that they could pop into your view just a little bit as you are browsing the Internet.

Take Surveys

Another thing that companies and service providers greatly value is information about customers. It could be a full-blown feedback or just getting the feel of the potential market. Whichever it is, they can use this information to further improve their products and services, which will lead to more profit for them. That’s why they invest in it too.

When you participate in this survey, you will get even more money than you would if you choose to just “window shop” using Qmee. All you need to is click on the “Surveys” tab on the Qmee dashboard and opt in for the surveys. The surveys will be available for you and answering them would make you eligible for higher payout!

Invite Your Friends

You can also get some bonuses in Qmee when you successfully invite other people to use it. After some time of using Qmee for yourself, you will receive a personal invite link and the referrals tab will be available. You can use this to invite your friends to use Qmee too! When they do, for every person who joins Qmee using your link, you get a reward on their first PayPal cash out. You will be given the choice to keep the reward for yourself, share it 50/50 with your friend, or give it all to your friend.

With the workarounds in the Internet and how online businesses run nowadays, users can now make money just by surfing the Internet. It’s not like you even need a reason to do it—you just do. Some money while doing it wouldn’t hurt, so go for it!

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