This App Lets You Make Money While Taking A Break

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What does it take to make money? Do you need to work tirelessly with a full-time job? Do you need to amass a huge amount to use as a capital for a business? Do you need to squeeze yourself up of every bit of creativity in order to be able to monetize your work—whether it’s a blog or a YouTube channel?

Well, those things do make a lot of money. And those things are good. You should do those (or at least one of those). BUT, did you know that you could also make money while a taking a break? You could just sit or lie down, do what you do with your phone (watch videos, play mobile games, etc.), and get paid for it!

Don’t get this wrong—we’re not saying that you can make the same amount of money by doing this as you would do with the legitimate things mentioned above. But making money while taking a break? Come on.

You’re going to need this app called Perk. It’s available for Android and iOS, and you can also do it on your computer browser.

How does it work? Simple! You just need to install the app (or you can go to using your browser). When you’re done with that, create an account. By the way, there’s a bonus when you sign up through Facebook, so you might want to do that. After that, just choose among a wide variety of things to do in Perk. You’ll have to excuse the ads, though. After all, it’s where Perk gets the money to pay you to use their app. And lastly, you cash out your earnings—the best part!

Every activity you do on perk earns you Perk Points which you can convert into real money by linking your PayPal account.

Now, on with the fun stuff you can do on perk to earn money. Let’s talk about them.

Play Games

Perk offers a few mind-teasing games that you can do. There’s the Word Search and the Pop Quiz. No pressure to score here. No matter how many words or items you get right, you still earn points.

Or, if you’re looking to rest your mind and would want something that wouldn’t take too much brain activity, you can try the virtual lottery. Scratch and win—easy Perk Points there.

Watch TV Shows and Videos

Are you watching TV shows through Netflix? You might want to install this app called Viggle ( for browsers) as well, and create an account. It’s an app powered by Perk. Whenever you watch TV shows on Netflix, you can check in to Viggle, and it rewards you with Perk Points for every episode you watch on Netflix.

If you don’t have the time to watch full episodes, no problem. You can also tune in to Perk TV on the app ( for browsers) and watch short videos to earn Perk Points. It will be just like watching videos on YouTube, only this one pays you to do it.

Do Simple Tasks

With the app installed, you might notice that push notifications will popup whenever you go to a restaurant or in any store. You can perform simple errands wherever you are earn Perk Points for it.

Also, watch out for Perk Daily Tasks. They earn you a whole lot of Extra Perk Points when completed. It mostly involves the activities mentioned above, plus others like installing some free apps and answering surveys—except you’ll earn more. So be sure not to miss any daily task.

Invite Your Friends

You also get HUGE bonuses whenever you successfully invite a friend to use Perk. You can send a referral code to your friends. And for each person that joins Perk, you get $10!

Perk is a very versatile app. If you want to do it casually and indeed make some money while being entertained, go for it. But there are also others that have set themselves up a “Perk Farm” using at least five devices at the same time, earning them at least $150 per month. You could try that as well. Really, it’s up to you.

Now go have fun and make some money while you’re at it.

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