These Two Websites Pay You To Watch Videos

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Do you ever have those days where you just want to sit down and do nothing? You just sit there, probably watch videos and play games on the Internet? Then after that you feel sorry for yourself because it was wasted time?

Well now, it doesn’t have to be wasted time! Time spent on watching videos, playing games, and pretty much some of the things you already do in the Internet could be PAID time for you! Yes, you can make money out of these things!

There is quite vast selection of websites that pay you to watch videos and other things such as answer surveys or play games. But right now, let’s discuss two of the popular sites that can get you started RIGHT AWAY in making that extra money.

EarnHoney is a website that has been featured on MSN, HuffingtonPost, and Business Insider. It provides several choices as to which activity you would like to d to earn money. You can watch videos, complete some offers, play simple online games, or answer surveys. These activities earn you money depending on how often you do them. You can also make money by getting referrals. For each person joining EarnHoney using your referral link, you get to earn 10% of their earnings.

When you have earned enough money through this site, you can cash it out using Paypal. Or if you want it in form of a gift card, you can cash it out as an Amazon gift card as well.

Unlike EarnHoney, KoinMe primarily just includes watching videos as a way to make money. Upon signing up, you will be able to see an offers page where you are given videos to watch. Each offer will give you about 10 pages in popups. That may seem a lot, but really, each of these pages that contain the videos only lasts for 30 seconds, and then it takes you to the next page.

It also uses a currency called Koin which you can use to convert into gift cards. There are also different sources of these gift cards such as Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks, Best Buy, and others. For each offer completed you get to earn usually 1 Koin.

Oh, did I mention that you automatically get $5 worth of Koins when you join KoinMe? And also, like EarnHoney, you can earn even more money through KoinMe when others join using your referral link. So you can invite your friends to also earn money through KoinMe, and you benefit from it BIG TIME.
Even just doing menial tasks that you can do on this side while doing your actual work, you can use these websites to earn more money. There are many out there, but before you go and explore, try out these two sites. After all, they belong to the most popular of these kinds of websites.

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