These 2 Websites Pay You While You Take A Break

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Do you ever feel guilty about sneaking some time to watch short videos online? Maybe even playing a few games and whatnot?

I’m telling you—it’s normal. When we are stressed, it’s natural seek a little relief from it. Sure, it can be a waste of time, especially when you’re at work or in a boring situation (like waiting in line or waiting for an appointment).

But what if it doesn’t have to be a waste of time? What if, contrary to that, you can make money just by doing those things?

Yes, it can happen. Companies know that one of the key things they need to sell their products is being noticed. And they do it through advertisements. They often allot huge budgets just to advertise their products. And that budget could make its way into your hands!

How does that happen?

On one hand, there are marketers that want their products to be seen by as many consumers as possible. On the other hand, there are people who want to kill time by watching videos, play quick-fix games, read articles, etc. And there are people who make those two ends meet while maximizing the benefit for both sides.

It’s not like this is a new concept. It’s the very reason why there is such a thing as Google Adsense. You can see ads on YouTube videos, on blogs, on websites. But you don’t really get paid doing those things, do you?

Well now, there are ways for you to get paid doing these things. And here are some websites where you can do exactly that.


Swagbucks is technically a rewards site—you do some fun stuff available in the site, and you get rewards which you can convert into real money. There are A LOT of things you can do on this website. You can watch videos, play games, answer surveys and polls—a lot! They even have their own search engine which, if you use it to search stuff instead of Google, it earns you more rewards!

For every activity you complete on this website, you earn their reward currency called—guess what—Swag Bucks (SB). Different activities earn different amounts of Swag Bucks. Some reward you with just one, but some reward you with up to 80 SB in less than a minute. And like I said, there are tons of things you can do here to earn more SB’s. By the way, 1 SB is equivalent to 1 cent. Not a bad exchange, if you ask me.

One of things you should definitely watch out for is the daily To Do List. Every day, you’re going to have this list of daily poll, daily watch, daily discover, and the like. By doing this, you can win so much more Swag Bucks than the usual rewards for these activities.

Fusion Cash

This website called FushionCash is a lot like SwagBucks. There are a lot of ways to earn money—videos, surveys, ads. But you mainly make money by answering surveys and completing offers.

Now when we say “completing offers”, don’t get this wrong; you don’t have to pay anything. This mostly involves solving captchas, or visiting this website or that website. You won’t even need to link a credit card. As for your payment, you can choose to have it sent to you via check or through PayPal. Very convenient.

One unique thing about Fusion Cash is that you can also make money out of being involved in the discussion board. It’s not a lot of money, but just making 30 posts in one month (that’s easily 1 post a day), you can earn $3 bonus. I know it’s not a lot. But $3 for posting at least once a day.

Also, referring friends to use FushionCash can also earn you a lot more. When someone joins FushionCash using your referral link, you get $1. When they complete their first offer, you get $2. And every time they cash out, you get $5. The more people you successfully invite, the more money you will get!


As I mentioned above, these are just ways to make money while you kill time or when you have some time to spare. It’s not like a full-time thing that could sustain you (but it could be if you put it enough time, effort and the right strategy). Hopefully this helps you make the most out of your free time.

Happy earning!

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