These 2 Websites Grows Your $5 Into More Money

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You may have heard of people investing into a company or buy stocks and now they’re making money passively from the returns of those investment or by reselling the stocks at a higher price. You may have heard of $5000 or $50,000 or $500,000 investments. But have you heard of a $5 investment?

Really? Five dollars? That ridiculous!

Twenty years ago, having a five-dollar investment would have been an outrageous idea. But now, with the business world constantly evolving and innovating, you can make an investment as low as $5 and watch it grow.

This setup is called micro-investing. Basically, it’s like getting small amounts from many people, and putting all those money together like a crowdfunding setup; and it makes one big enough investment shared by the micro-investors. This system is called Fractional Share Investing. Returns and investment growth will be based on the initial investment made by each micro-investor.

Today, there are already several websites and apps that offer a micro-investing service. Here are a few of them.


Stash is one of these websites, and the starting investment here is only $5. With this website, you can freely choose what kind of an investment you would like to place. Is it an aggressive one or a conservative one? Or maybe a bit of both?

There is also a wide selection of investments you can put your money into—stocks, bonds, etc.—and you will have the freedom to choose which ones you think will grow the most. These choices are those that are carefully selected based on historical performance, expense ratio, and risk profile.

The starting investment is $5 but you also have the choice to add to that investment anytime you want. Additionally, the Auto-Stash feature will allow you to automatically invest on a weekly basis should you foresee that you will have some money to spare for investments in the near future.

If you are just starting out on investing and are still learning the ropes. Stash would be a great help! It features plenty of articles that would help you build your confidence by teaching you the things you need to know about investing—from the basics of micro investing to pro tips to make the smart and strategic decisions when it comes to these things.


Acorns is another micro investing website. It is similar to Stash in a sense that they use fractional share investing, but with a little difference. With Acorns, you will be making investments using only your spare change. Yes, spare change that are less than a dollar.

Once you create an account on Acorns, they give you $10 for free as a starting investment. From there on out, you can connect your bank accounts or cards to your account. Whenever you use those cards to purchase something, the spare change will be automatically allotted for investments.

For example, you use your credit card to pay for $149.25 worth of groceries. Acorns will detect that, and round up your purchase to the nearest dollar (that’s $150). The seventy-five cents difference will be placed on your investments through Acorns. As a result, every time you make a purchase using your card, you make little investments of less than a dollar. It’s a steady but sure (and effortless) way to build investments.

Another similarity Acorns has with Stash is the recurring investment feature. Acorns is not limited to spare change as a source of investment. You can also set up a recurring investment if you want a percentage of your income to be allotted for investments.

One of the newest and perhaps most unique features of Acorns is the FoundMoney. It works like cash back services where, if you buy a certain product from this particular website, you get a part of that money back. Only the difference here is that, instead of getting back your money as cash, the companies put money in YOUR investments. Acorns is still building its partnerships with other brands, but FoundMoney is now available for Apple, Airbnb, Nike, and A LOT MORE (you could see the full list in their website).


Getting started on making investments shouldn’t be hard, and these two websites are advocates of that idea. Whether you’re set on full-fledged investing or just trying it out, Stash and Acorns are the easiest places to start. And it won’t even cost you much!


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