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You may have heard about the myth of the possibility of more or less $100 dollars per day through online work or online jobs… Many think of it as a myth, but a chosen handful of us know it’s true.

Ok, so I might be exaggerating a bit here, but let’s get these straight.

The “earn $100 dollars per day online,” is definitely true.

The how might not be clear yet, but I hope before we progress, we are on the same page that the myth of the “earn $100 per day online” is possible.

All you need, is a lot of hard work, a bit of imagination, and Google.

Ok, not really technically Google, as in Google the search engine, but Google as the company through Google AdSense.

Basically, Google AdSense or commonly known and referred to as AdSense is the system that allows you place Google Ads on your website or blog.

When a visitor on your website or blog, clicks on an advertisement placed or embedded in your blog, Google gives you money or a share of the revenue that they earn.

How much of the revenue? As much as 68% percent of what the advertisers pay Google.

You might say, “But 68% percent is too little considering the odds.”

Technically, we can say yes and technically we can also say no. But when you put together 68% per click and a whole lot of traffic, $100 dollars per day is not really that hard to earn depending on the circumstances.


Before we get started, on discussing how to maximize your website or blog trough Google AdSense, we need to discuss a couple of technical terms first.

Click-Through Rate (CTR)

Cost Per Click (CPC)

Cost Per 100 Impressions (CPM)

Click-Through Rate (CTR) – Basically, Click-Through Rate (CTR) means the number of ad clicks that you get divided by the number of each ad impressions. For example, if you have three Google AdSense ads on each page of your website, if you get one click or one page view that would be equal to three ad impressions.

For example, you manage to get 10 clicks out of 1000 ad impressions, you divide that and multiply it by 100 to get your CTR which is equal to 1%. (10/1000X100).


CTR = Clicks / Ad Impressions X 100

Cost Per Click (CPC) – Cost Per Click (CPC) is the amount of money you earn every time a visitor clicks on your ad. The advertisers determine how much a click will cost on an advertisement. Cost Per Click (CPC) depends on the particular niche that you engage in, for example competitive niches like online marketing, selling of products online, banking and finance pay more per click than other products because of the nature of the competition. This is the “how much” factor that we consider in placing ads on our website.

Cost Per 1000 Impressions (CPM) – Cost Per 1000 Impressions (CPM) means that a certain advertiser opted to pay per 1000 ad impressions rather that Cost Per Click (CPC). Think of it as an alternative option for advertisers as they pay whenever their ads appear on a website.

CPM: CPM means “Cost Per 1000 Impressions.”

Sometimes advertisers opt for CPM ads instead of CPC and set their price for 1000 ad impressions. And they pay each time their ads appear on any website.



Now that we are done with the technical, we can proceed with the build and the grind.

Since this is not a scam, yes, we need to work on our website before we can turn the $100 dollar a day myth into a reality.

Make sure that your website is focused on a certain niche or targets a healthy number of identifiable group of people.

We can do this, through proper content creation and generation. A good website following means that we have a high chance of driving our Cost Per Click (CPC) and Cost Per 100 Impressions (CPM) up.

Basically, if you do math we are aiming to bring our website around 40,000 page views per day for our CPM or 400 clicks per day for our CPC.

How do we get it? By managing our website properly, knowing who our target market is and creating interest for them.

If we now have a healthy amount of regular traffic or people who view our content, we can sell the ads space on our website and we can also do affiliate marketing.

With the correct implementation you can get as much as $6,000 per month from our target of 40,000 page views. That’s a whopping $200 daily earning.

We can also get as much as $40 day from affiliate selling if we do things right.

Imagine getting $40 from affiliate marketing + $200 from selling ads space + $100 through CPC and CPM, that’s $340 dollars per day just by focusing on building a website with great content targeting a certain market belonging to a niche.

Get these things done and repeat:

  1. Manage Your Website Properly
  2. Supplement it Revenue Streams
  3. Drive Traffic To Your Website and Convert

Come back to me two or three years later and tell me if the “earn $100 per day online” myth is true or not.

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