The 2 HOTTEST Passive Moneymaking Programs Online

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Starting a passive and constant income online doesn’t have to be complicated. As technology advances—particularly advancements on the Internet—more and more ways to make money online are also birthed.

Because of this rapid development, some methods can now be considered obsolete. They may have worked in the past and have made millionaires out of many who seized these opportunities. But today, they have just lost their impact.

But there are those that stood the test of time. These methods adapted themselves. With constant innovation, what we have today is a hundred-fold upgrade version of what these methods looked like a few decades ago.

One of such methods is Affiliate Marketing. The first ever recorded instance of affiliate marketing was in 1994. Until today, now with many advancements and developments, it remains as one of the simplest and most straightforward ways to make money online. All you need is a website to show off products. It can be social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; or it can be a full-blown website or blog. What’s important is that people see it. The more people see your posts, the higher chances of making money through Affiliate Marketing.

Considering advances in technology, let’s look at the top 2 best websites to start an affiliate marketing system.

Amazon Associates

Amazon is easily one of the biggest online stores in the world wide web. They have an affiliate marketing program that offers 10-15% commissions.

Advanced tools in Amazon Associates would include tools that would allow you to generate affiliate links with just one click even when you’re just casually visiting their website, tools to help you personalize your links and banners so you can display ads that would reflect who you are and the product that your selling, and also tools that would be intelligently basing product recommendations based on users’ preferred products according to recently visited websites.

One of the most notable technologies that Amazon Associates uses is cookies. When a user accesses Amazon through your affiliate link, it places a cookie on that user’s browser—kind of like tagging that browser as your “territory”—for the next 24 hours. So in the next 24 hours, if that user buys a product through Amazon, even if it’s not the product you are advertising, you still get the commission.

Perhaps one of the downsides to Amazon Associates is that it has a very long approval time. After you sign up, it may take you days or even more than a week if you have the green light to sell products or even generate ads and links to add to you web pages.

But, Amazon being one of the most popular online stores out there, bearing its name when showing off products in your page or website is sure to rack up buyers—which means commissions for you.

eBay Partner Network

The affiliate marketing program that eBay offers is called the eBay Partner Network (EPN). It has been getting hood feedback from different communities of affiliates due to its popularity among netizens and its high commission rates (50-70%).

The rate of the commission you can receive through EPN will heavily depend on the category of the item you manage to sell. The highest selling categories (70%) would be Fashion, and Parts & Accessories. Plus, if you make a successful sale to someone who uses eBay for the first time or someone who hasn’t used it in a year, you get an additional 100% or even more!

As for the tools, EPN is making sure that both affiliates and customers would have a wonderful experience with buying and selling through eBay. These tools include functions that would recommend products based on the user’s browsing history, hassle-free and quick generating of links and banners for ads, flexibility in graphics that would suit the affiliates tastes and style in selling products, and also statistical tools that help affiliates keep track of their performance and asses what needs to improve for better commissions and better money.

Also, EPN doesn’t have any approval processes when you register as an affiliate. Just sign up and you’re good to go!


Amazon and eBay—two moguls when it comes to the subject of online retail. Both have their own affiliate and programs, and we can say that each of these programs do marketing with their own style and strategy. Each has is pros and cons. Therefore in choosing between the two, you need to consider these carefully.

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