Online Garage Sale! Wait, What?

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Yes, you can do garage sales and earn money online.

Wait, just hear me out first before you close your browser.

You might be wondering how you got to this article when all you wanted to do was earn money online through online jobs and through the internet.

But, yes there is a way where you can earn money online by doing a garage sale online. You just have to know where to go and know what to do.

Look around your home, take a look at the clutter and the items you have at storage and see which one you can let go off.

Instead of setting up tables and waiting for people to pass by your garage, sell them online.

Let me help you how, by reading below:

  1. eBay
  2. Craigslist
  3. Facebook Market Place and Facebook Sale Groups
  4. Decluttr
  5. Sell used printer cartridges
  6. Sell your used books
  7. Refunds on stuff you buy
  8. Unused gift cards
  9. Shutterstock
  10. Sell your junk mail



One of the earliest online garage sale to ever hit the market, eBay still remains as one of the best or most known go-to websites for used items.

You can basically sell anything you have lying around in your home on eBay and some of the more ridiculous and interesting finds can be seen here.

A lot of collectors of vintage and hard to find items also go here, so that old vase or that old Mario Cart game that you have lying around from decades ago might be worth something on eBay.


Craigslist is basically the younger brother of eBay, if you have something listed on eBay, might as well list it here.

Some buyers or people interested in your junk might be here and not on eBay or other platforms.

It helps if you have multiple platforms where your product is available.

Facebook Market Place and Facebook Sale Groups

Facebook Market Place is like a real garage sale, it feels personal because people have a link to your Facebook account and they can check you out if you’re legit or some shady seller with a fake Facebook account.

Plus FB Market Place helps you connect with people looking for products that you sell near you regardless if you’re connected or not on Facebook.

There are also a lot of Facebook Sale Groups willing to take your junk of off your hands and sell them. These can range from old shoes to memorabilia or just about anything.


Decluttr is a great app if you want to get rid of all your unwanted collection of DVDs, games, books, cell phones, and electronics.

A lot of people are on it, and that means a lot of potential buyers.

Sell used printer cartridges

A lot of people tend to save their used up printer and toner cartridges, if you or a family member is one of those people, you can sell them on Tonerbuyer.

Tonerbuyer buys these used cartridges with some going for as high as $22.

Sell your used books

There are a lot of booksellers and resellers online that would gladly take off of your hands all your used books that you have finished reading and just gather dust in that corner or in your attic.

Aside from people online, sites like Bookscouter or Half Price Books buy them from you and resell them to other people.

Refunds on stuff you buy

Believe it or not, you can sell your refunds online. Apps like Parabus, helps you find refunds on things from your shopping trips.

They can also file adjustment claims on your behalf if they see that prices have dropped on certain things that you bought.

Unused gift cards

There is a small niche online for selling unused gift cards for cash back. Traditional garage sales won’t help you sell unused gift cards, but websites online like Cardpool offer as much as 92% cash backs on some of your unused gift cards.


Speaking of things that you don’t sell traditionally on garage sales, random photos that you take anywhere and anytime during your brief, boredom inspired artistic moments are sellable online.

Go to websites like Shutterstock and sell them, you’d be surprised that they actually cost something and given the right tags, those pictures cluttering up your phone memory and iCloud allocation might even be worth a couple of dollars.

Make money off junk mail

And since we are talking about junk. Why don’t we sell the king of all online junks? The modern version of useless stuff we get that we did not ask for, “junk mails.”

Small Business Knowledge Center is a research group that buys all your junk snail mail and email in exchange for rewards or gift cards.

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