Making fast money online with e-tuitions

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Undoubtedly, this is a technological era. Everything is well connected to the Internet and this makes things easy for us. How many of us do not use Google for the things that we are not aware of? It’s 1 out of 10. So, technology and the Internet is one of the most amazing combinations ever, so much that even money making is possible online. Through the Internet, you can earn money easily. All you have to do is start tutoring.

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E-tuitions have gained popularity in recent times. E-tuition has become a major platform from where students learn and prepare themselves. This online facility has changed the face of educational learning. The best thing about e-tuition is its availability. A student can learn at any time and at any place. He just has to go online and start learning. In the same way, an online tutor just has to record or teach or give lessons and upload them for students.

The subjects and competition is so vast that students are ready to go an extra mile to stand out. E-tuition is the way through which they gain more knowledge and learn about new concepts, ideas, formulas, techniques and question patterns. The backbone of such online tuitions is a tutor.

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Become an E-tutor

If you are looking for a part time job or want to make extra money then become an e-tutor. You can pick up any subject that you have an expertise over and start the job anytime. You can give lessons or lectures on more than one subject. This is absolutely dependent on your will and experience. Let us say, you work in the finance department of a renowned MNC. Now, start giving tuitions to the finance background students. You can blend your experience in your lessons, notes, assignments and questions. You can provide tips and tricks to your students based on your real life situations and company experience.

Things that an e-tutor must know

  1. An online tutor must be well aware of the Internet and computer basics. Internet is the only source of communication with the students.
  2. Along with this, uploading or sending assignments, lessons, question sets etc. must be well known by the tutor.
  3. E-tutor must also know about using white or black board through various online software, which are available for online tuitions.
  4. Tutor must know about audio/video conferencing. At times, it happens that student queries are resolved over such conferencing.
  5. A complete knowledge about virtual classroom is an essential thing before you become an online tutor.

If done properly, e-tuitions are the best source to earn side money.

What is the procedure to become an e-tutor?

Becoming an e-tutor is not a rocket science or you do not have to an over or highly qualified teacher. But yes, a good command over the chosen subject is a must. The below given table will help you out in becoming the one.

How to find companies that hire E-tutors?
Online Way Offline Way
Ø  If you want to be an e-tutor then there are numerous companies that hire e-tutors on a large scale. Such companies are registered to provide online teaching facilities to students.

Ø  Search such companies on the web and go through their official websites.

Ø  Apply directly with your CV or resume.

Ø  If possible, leave your teaching work sample or video that shows how you teach.

Ø  You must also figure out the hourly rate company pays to the teachers.

Ø  Ask for good references through your friends and family who are already associated with such online part time job.

Ø  You can even take good company suggestions from your relatives so that you apply in those companies.


It’s okay to admit that you do not want to work for any company. So, in that case you can start your own tutoring business. Be an entrepreneur in educational field and spread knowledge. Before, you really do that, you are advised to do a little research wok on how to startup such business. All the Hows and Whys must be worked out thoroughly.

You can start your own virtual classroom and start teaching. The more students you teach, the more money you make.

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Things that you must check or put in place before beginning e-tutoring

Yes, there are certain things that you have to check before you start giving e-tuitions. These things are:

  • Your computer or laptop that you are going to use for tuitions.
  • Your web camera and microphones/headphones must be in good state.
  • Internet connection must be intact as it will serve the communication mode for you.
  • There are certain companies that ask for your degrees and work experience certificates. So, it is important that you keep the soft copy of such certificates and degrees handy.
  • How much you can make from e-tuitions?

This is the most important part that needs your full attention and focus. If you are working through a company, your hourly rate of teaching may differ from company to company. The amount varies from $10 to $100 per hour basis. The amount also varies on your experience, subjects, number of working hours and teaching level.

If you are working on your own then you can decide on the amount that you want to charge on per hour basis from your students. It is important for you to stick to an amount that you want to charge. You should never charge different from different students. This degrades your work image.

It is advisable that you start with affordable amount in the beginning and raise it later when your classes become fully fledged. It is recommended that you must advertise about your classes on all social media and other platforms. This will fetch you more students and classes’ requirements.

Online tutoring is an amazing platform through which you can not only impart your knowledge but can also make bundles of money. All you have to do is going the right way. You must be strict about your class routines and timings.  And voila! Your extra income is on the way.

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