Making Money With… Facebook?

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For most people Facebook is a social platform to share their lives through pictures and to connect with family and friends. Not many people know that Facebook can be a potential money making site. You can convert your love for social gossip through Facebook into an online money earning skill. You don’t need to sign up for any online course to make money with Facebook. Here in this tutorial we are going to provide you all the necessary information that will help you earn money online with Facebook.

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Know the basics

Facebook is an ultimate social networking website and every individual who crossed his preteen years is aware of how things work on it. However, using Facebook to earn online income is little different than using the social media for connecting with friends. You need to develop a few skills like:

Developing engaging posts-To start making money on Facebook you need to learn how to create engaging posts that can keep your audience entertained and keep coming for more. Share links, images and news that is truly worth sharing.

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Leveraging posts-Creating quality and engaging posts on Facebook is half the battle, the other half is to know how to bind your product or affiliate links in the post for high conversion.

Being patient-Working on Facebook to earn money is an effort intensive task. You need to be aware of that fact that it will take time before you see the  wheel turning really fast. Keep your audience engaged with relevant and fresh content and let the interest build before you start cashing your audience for money.

Making Money Through Affiliate Advertising

For any type of social media platform, affiliate marketing is the best option to make money online. There are many affiliate programs offered by brands you probably already know. As there is no need of any investment to sign up for these affiliate programs or to start with marketing on Facebook, all you will need is time and commitment to succeed.

Never sign up for an affiliate program that charges you for providing an affiliate ID. We also recommend that you create a separate Facebook profile for affiliate marketing. This will help you to keep your personal data separate from marketing data. The programs we recommend to make money with Facebook through affiliate marketing are Amazon Affiliate Program, ClickBank and Web Hosting Affiliate Programs.

Shopify & Facebook

Personally, I prefer to earn money through ecommerce website over Adsense and Affiliate programs. If you are also interested in taking the hard road to earn money online with Facebook, I recommend you set up your own store to sell physical or digital goods.

While online stores like Amazon are earning billions you won’t be anywhere near that, but will get an online identity that can earn you some decent money. You have to choose a niche first. Something you are passionate about will definitely increase your chances of earning successfully through Facebook.

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The business model is simple, you set up your store and market it through Facebook profiles and pages. An ecommerce platform that I recommend for beginners and experts is Shopify. This platform allows you one click option to set up your ecommerce store without spending a fortune on setting your own store. You can sign up for a free 14 days trial of Shopify to see if you can really pull  off this money making method through Facebook.

Once you have your store set up and you have added enough products to make sales, it’s time to bring Facebook to work. First, you pick some products from your store that has potential to become best sellers. Then you create a high quality Facebook post around them and click ‘Boost Post.’

Now you will be directed to the Facebook’s advertising page where you select the appropriate audience to target based on their country, age and gender. Set up a decent advertising budget of a few dollars to get your post enough exposure.

In my experience, every 100 clicks lead to 2-4 sales. You have to just optimize your ads on Facebook to target the most potential audience with high purchasing power.

Facebook & Famebit

For those of you who have a loyal fan following on Facebook, it is easier to make money using Famebit. Social influencers are people that brands look forward to advertise and create awareness for their products.

Famebit is a marketplace that connects big brands with trusted social influencers. If you have more than 10,000 followers on Facebook then you are all set to start earning huge through Famebit. Just sign up for the service and you will start receiving offers from brands that resonate with your followers’ interests.

Creating Viral Website

Do you really want to earn big with Facebook? Then, my favorite advice for you is to start with your own viral website. Recreating the magic of viral content sites like Buzzfeed and Viralnova is simple and anyone can do it.

You can start a viral website with WordPress. Buy any viral content theme from marketplace like Themeforest and you are set to go. Next step is to connect your WordPress website to your Facebook page (that you will create specifically for this website). Connecting to WordPress will automatically share your posts on Facebook page.

Now comes the advertising part. Like with online store marketing on Facebook, you boost your Page connected to viral content website instead of your posts. More likes your Facebook page gets the deeper your viral content penetrates in the large Facebook audience pool.

Hold on, there’s the last segment where you monetize your viral content. For this you sign up for advertising services like Google Adsense and Ads. There are content sharing services like Taboola and Outbrain that pay viral content websites for sharing their content.


Facebook is more than your online social hangout. It has potential to be a money earner for you. All you need is information shared in this tutorial to get started with making money on Facebook.

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