How To Make Money By Responding To Surveys

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If you’re looking for easy and simple ways to earn some extra money through the Internet, then you came to the right place! There are (surprisingly) plenty of ways that can allow you to earn money without spending much time and energy.

One of these easy methods are online surveys. Websites and companies are always on the lookout for feedback and review from their customers or users. These are the very things that can help them improve their services and increase revenue as a result. This is why they are more than willing to shell out a budget to know what users think.

But you can’t just go to any website you want and send a message like “Hey, your site needs a little working on”, and expect to get paid right then and there, right? Most likely they would just thank you for your insight.

Fortunately, there are these websites that make sure that you get paid for your insights. These surveys are very short would not take you more than a few minutes. Ready to see some of these websites? Here we go!


There are a lot of things you can do in this website that could potentially help you earn some extra money. Among these things is, of course answering surveys. They give quick surveys. Some of them don’t even pertain to a particular product, just general questions like “Do you still use a landline?”, questions like that.

Points called SB earned through Swagbucks can be cashed out through PayPal or Visa prepaid balance. You also have the choice to use your SBs to redeem gift cards from Amazon. The exchange rate would be one dollar for every 100 SB.

As mentioned above, there are other activities you can do on this website to earn money. You can play games, watch videos, and use their search engine instead of Google. Some pretty simple things that can be easy to integrate into your daily routine.

By the way, SwagBucks also has an app available for Android and iOS. So even if you’re not at home, you can use it to make money on the go.


Perk is another website that can help you make money using surveys. Like SwagBucks, there’s also an app available for to use this when you’re outside. And there are other features in this site that allow users to make money such as videos, tasks, and referrals. Surveys are just one of them. If you want an in-depth discussion of this site, we previously had an article for that. If you haven’t seen it yet, please feel free to check it out here.

But since we’re talking about surveys today, let’s have that as out focus.

One of the unique ways that you can make more money by answering surveys on Perk is the Perk Daily Tasks. It would be a list of things to do on this website that would earn users more points than the usual. And there is always a survey on those daily tasks. This might be something worth exploring too.


This website, according to other users, are one of the most user-friendly paid survey sites out there. It’s one of the most reliable as well. It works sort of like SwagBucks and Perk too, where you earn points which you can redeem through PayPal or convert into gift cards. But unlike the examples above, SurveyJunkie (as its name suggests) only has surveys as the main attraction.

Pinecone Research

If you’re going for something that would stimulate your mind, you might find Pinecone Research more to your liking. The questions here are usually about thought-provoking topics.

Naturally, because of its nature, surveys through this website pay out more. You can easily earn $3 per survey that you accomplish through this website.


With these websites, you can easily earn an extra income just by answering questions subjectively. Don’t get it wrong, these are not sites that will make you rich instantly. These are just good sites to go to when you’re bored, and you want to make some money out of your boredom. With regards to making money in your free time, these websites are definitely some of the best places to start.

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