How To Earn Money From Reviewing Websites

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Have you ever encountered websites that just… suck?

If you are, in a way, a perfectionist, then you would notice some websites are just in poor taste. While others have issues that can be more on the technical side. Maybe it’s a hyperlink that doesn’t work or that leads nowhere. Or maybe it’s a part of the page that shows gibberish that doesn’t really make sense.

Sites like this can be really annoying. Do you ever wish you could change these sites? Oh, if only there was a way to give a feedback on these websites and get paid for it.

Well, maybe there is a way!
Say Hello To UserTest

UserTest is an online tool that allows you to voice out your thoughts about the websites that you have encountered. Websites that may need a little more renovation. And in return for your thoughts, you get paid!

It would require you to follow some steps—nothing too hard. These steps are very simple and easy to do! Wouldn’t take much of your time as well.

Ready? Here they are:
Download The Screen Recorder

Of course, you would not be able to save your reviews without a recorder. And the good news is that UserTest provides its own personalized recording software that has special features that will help reviewers provide quality reviews. We will discuss more on that later.

Which brings us to the next step…
Record Your Review

Once you are ready to make your review, you can start the Screen Recorder and voice out what you think about those websites. You can mention what you like about the website, what you don’t like about it, or any suggestions that could help them improve, or just anything you want to say about it. Remember, the better your reviews are, the higher the chances that you’re going to be handsomely paid for it.

Another feature for the Screen Recorder is that it will even give you activities to help you give sound reviews about the website and even add more content to your reviews.
Submit and Get Paid

When you’re done recording your review, the Screen Recorder will automatically process your video and send it to UserTest for assessment. This is the time to wait and, after a while, get paid.

See? Using this tool would only take a few minutes of your time. You could do it during your free time and still get paid for it. Not a bad idea for making easy money online and at the same time help in improving websites all over the Internet. It’s a win-win situation!

There you go! Happy reviewing!

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