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Blogging is the vogue of 21st century that was started as mere a personal home page but took turn with the whirl of time and is now dynamically used in different spheres of life. Today, it is widely used by business organizations to say more about their products and services in an interactive manner and individuals are using it to make money via this culture.

Am I doing the money making blogging or is it just a personal homepage?

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Once you start blogging over any forum like Google Blogger or Word Press it is important for you to make a start with clear understanding of where to target your blogs. The quality, content and distribution of the blog should be targeted accordingly to cash money out of those blogs.

  • Quality: Once you have set up your blog, decide a particular theme or subject around which you can do plethora of blogs in the following time. You have to decide the audience whom you will target. The quality of your blog should be the best with interactive headlines, catchy structure, useful content, use of images, screenshots, info-graphics that do not test the patience of your readers. Remember, 93% of the human communication is contented with visuals.
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  • Distribution: Next, when the interactive and useful blog is completed, what follows is the step of distributing over the adequate platforms that may vary from slideshare, buzzfeed, Linkedin, Hootsuite, Facebook, twitter (share links) and more. It is better to share the blog across as many decks as possible but make sure that you are targeting the relevant audience or else it may serve as mere spam.
  • Maintenance: The maintenance is fundamental that you can do with consistent flow of blogs as per the audience interest. Keep yourself updated about the latest distribution platform and make required changes as and when required.
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Optimizing Blogs to Make Money

Once you have created useful and interactive blogs for your specific audience, you need to optimize it for better visibility over search engines and for better distribution over multiple platforms that will drive in more traffic and more money.

How will you optimize your blogs? Is this same as any other content optimization?

  • SEO Blogs: The basic step to optimize blogs for search engines is to use appropriate search key words in the content that gives it higher ranking on the search list. Make sure you are using long tail keyword headline and appropriate anchor text. Do not overstuff key terms and keep the word limit concise.
  • Reaching Readers: In order to reach wider audience you have to spot them and the platforms where they spend most of their time on digital media. You need to optimize your content/blog with respect to those platforms enabling your readers to feel in the vicinity.
  • Link Filling: Adding links of your previous work or related blogs will drive more readers and will give them a delight of more useful and informative content. It will maintain an engagement of your readers with your blog through connecting with your present and previous work.
  • Pin other Sites: You can pin other sites or their links to your blog that will help you get more readership and further probability to make money via those blogs.
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Advertise  on your Blog to Cash In Big!

Advertising is the precursor of different sectors enabling higher visibility and higher reach of the product, service or you may say the content when we talk about blogging. The digital medium has been bestowed upon with multiple feasible advertising options that don’t cost much to your pocket with respect to what you can yield out of it, if this tool is harnessed wisely.

  • PPC Ad: Pay Per Click Ad is the viable option if you have moderate to high readers who follow your blogs. To graduate to the higher stage to pull in money, you can use this form of ad where you will be paid according to the number of views and likes at the end of the month.
  • CPM Ad: Cost per thousand Impression Ad is another feasible option to turn up to reach wider audience and get paid for publishing your own blogs. This makes sense to those blogs which have high views and low click through rates. It means it works for those ads which do not get much clicks especially the tech savvy readers.
  • Google AdSense: Google Adsense works adequate to bring you high number of readers but all you need to do is to get a domain name through which you can use this ad service. You can get a cheap domain name just to serve the required purpose. Then you can proceed to choose ad type and slot as per the interest of your target readers.
  • Affiliate Advertising: The cheapest and smartest way to get more visibility to your blogs is to get them affiliated on another forum where can you get the links of your blog pinned. The cost may vary from one platform to another but make sure you are putting the links before the potential readers who will be genuinely interested in your write up.
  • Email Marketing: E-mail marketing is a bit old but a cheap medium to reach the audience with the similar inclination that your blog coincides with. However, you have to be very sure about the target because if you are not reaching relevant audience they can unsubscribe your mails or put them in spam.

So do not wait for long. It doesn’t take too much of your time and it is not a rocket science that may go out of your brain track. All you need to do is to prepare the best blog with most interesting content and incorporate as much visual content as possible. But before preparing the best blog, set a target audience, the genre of the blog, word limit, structure, and most importantly the distribution platform where your blogs will be channelized to reach the maximum readers.

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