EASY Rewards For Searching The Internet

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Whether we admit it or not, in time where so many things depend on the Internet, search engines are the primary gateway to knowledge and information. We need to know something, we google it. We need some pictures for whatever purpose necessary, we do quick image search. Even with accessing websites—does anyone ever care to type full URLs on the address bar anymore? That’s so tedious compared to merely typing the website name on search engine, pressing enter, and clicking on the best search result!

For every second, there are more than 40,000 search queries made on google all over the world. That’s 3.5 billion searches every day and 1.2 trillion per year worldwide! Now from that daily 3.5 million, how many would come from you? Fifty? One hundred?

It’s not a lot compared to the overall count, but what if you were making money out of those searches? Every time you hit enter on a search engine or click the search button, money slowly flows into your bank account. Or at least something like that.

Well, there are websites that—one way or another—pay you to use their search engines. If you don’t mind not using Google for your search queries, these are good places for you to earn extra money online.

Bing Rewards Program

Did you know that 33% of Internet users regularly rely on Bing as a search engine, as opposed to Google’s 65%? Sure, it can be the less popular choice when it comes to looking for what you need to see in the Internet. But Bing has a pretty well-laid out rewards plan for the few who would choose to use their search engine.

To avail the Bing Rewards Program, you will have to sign up first. Registering for the program is totally free. You don’t have to pay anything.

Ways To Earn Points

After you have signed up, you can start earning points which you can eventually redeem. Starting out, you can take the tour and instantly earn 50 points. They also provide quizzes as a source of points. There’s the Rewards Challenge that gives you 50 points just by participating, and the Coffee Break Quiz that rewards you 10 points for every correct answer. Shopping online using Bing to search for the online retailers also returns a good number points, depending on the purchase you have made.

Points From Microsoft Apps

The Bing Rewards program also gives out points when you use apps by Microsoft, such as Edge and the Windows Store. If you’re worried about being at a disadvantage if you use Microsoft Edge rather than Google Chrome as a browser, there’s really no need to. This new Internet browser by Microsoft is far different from its predecessor, the infamous-for-its-slow-speed Internet Explorer, and is actually at par with Google Chrome itself. There’s a few differences here and there, but one of those differences will bethe fact that you will get rewards for using Edge.

Set Goal

Other features included in the Bing Rewards Program is the Set Goal and See Status. Although you can easily see on your dashboard how many points you have accumulated, there is a feature where you can set a goal as to how many points you would like to earn, see the status of your current points, and even some suggestions on how you can achieve your goal.

Redeeming Your Points

You might not like to hear this bit, but there is currently no way to redeem points into real money. HOWEVER, there is a chance that you can get an Xbox One or a brand new laptop with JUST 20 POINTS! You can redeem 20 points for an entry on the Bing Sweepstakes where you can win many high-value prizes courtesy if Microsoft.

Other Benefits of Using Bing

Aside from the rewards Bing offers, did you know that using it rather than Google will actually save you a bit of money and preserve the environment as well? Computers use more power in displaying light-colored pixels than dark-colored pixels. So when you’re using Bing with its dark-colored backgrounds rather than Googles flush of white, you are actually using less electrical power—something that would benefit both your electricity bill and the environment!

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