Easy Extra Income on Instagram (2017 Update)

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Social media has opened unlimited opportunities for people to make fortunes by working for just a few hours a day. For making money online all you need is to have the knack to succeed and creativity to generate audience. A social media platform that enables users to make money online easily is Instagram. Most probably you have come across stories where some Instagrammers are earning full time income just doing what they love, i.e. sharing pictures.

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If you think you can do the same, it’s almost certain you can. All it takes to make money with Instagram is the reach and influence that will bring you loads of money. We are not going to make this post just like millions others that give you only generalized information, but not concrete steps to start generating income online.

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Start with increasing your Instagram followers

If you are anticipating earning as an Instagrammer, then you need a solid audience to sell your idea to. Don’t worry, you don’t need as many followers as you think. You will need a small but engaged audience who can be your customers.

Number of followers you need to get substantial earning from Instagram depends on the niche you select. For instance, if your Instagram account has a 1000 audience engaged in jewelry niche, then you will be making thousands of dollars, but the same is not true if your account is about food niche.

In short, you can start with the audience as small as 1000, and it won’t belittle your profit potential.

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Choosing the revenue channel to make money on Instagram

Now, that follower part is sorted out, next you need to know what all revenue channels are available for you to start earning some hard cash on Instagram. There are hundreds of tutorials on ways to make money on Instagram, but mostly all they have to share is garbage knowledge.

As mentioned before, this tutorial is not about yada-yada tips, but real business mechanisms that will earn you money on Instagram. Here are four revenue channels that we recommend for every Instagram user.

  • Sponsored posts or reputed brands
  • Create and sell your digital or physical products on Instagram
  • Do affiliate marketing and earn huge commissions
  • Sell your photography

If you are wondering why these four revenue channels in particular, it is because you can choose one or all four and start earning profits simultaneously. These methods work with each other without harming anyone’s profit earning potential.

Let’s start with breaking down each revenue channel to earn money online on Instagram.

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Making money online on Instagram with sponsored posts

Instagram is different from other social media platforms because it lets you become an influencer. In simple words, if you have an organic following audience on this social network, it means you are a reputed expert in your niche who is seen as a trend setter, trusted for his opinions.

Big brands simply can’t compete with that trust factor through advertisements. So they choose to partner with the influencers i.e. people like you have a reputation among the Instagram audience to spread word about their products.

You can charge anything between $100 to $500 for per sponsored post. But the hard part is finding the reliable brands to work with. If you are somewhat prominent Instagram celebrity chances are you will be reached by brands directly, but we don’t think you would be reading this post if that was the case. Hence, here are some platforms that act as influencer marketplaces to get you discovered.

  • Shoutcart
  • Grapevine
  • Fohr Card
  • indaHash

Instagram to promote your own online store

If you are a creator who is not keen on working with other brands, you can leverage your Instagram influence to generate more sales through your own online store. Whether you are dealing in physical items or digital goods, this social media platform can be a goldmine if exploited well.

The best advice we can give is to open a Shopify store and promote it through Instagram. This particular ecommerce platform is highly compatible to Instagram. It doesn’t matter whether you deal in physical goods like jewelry and clothing or digital products like ebooks, you can always count on Instagram to be able to sell your products to the relevant audience without worry about big brands competing with you.

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Become an Affiliate

Affiliate marketing is no new concept and almost everyone who wants to earn money online knows about this revenue channel. With Instagram, you as an affiliate are more concerned about sales and not generating awareness like the sponsored posts do.

Revenue model is same like any other affiliate program. You earn a fixed commission on each sale. But the catch is like other affiliate marketing sources you cannot share many links on Instagram. This platform allows for links only in your bio. The best way to use Instagram to make money with affiliate marketing is to make promo codes that you can share in your posts.

As far as choosing an affiliate program is concerned, we recommend Amazon Affiliate Program, ClickBank and RewardStyle.

Sell Your Photos

Instagram is nothing but a photo sharing social media platform. Pictures can be real digital assets for people who license and print high quality photographs. If you are someone with a natural inclination to photography, then you can use sell your photographs through market places like Twenty20 and 500px.

You can explicitly mark your photos as licensed and for sale on Instagram so that brands or publications who want to use them can contact you. I have personally seen a couple of my friends selling their photographs as high as $2000 per pic.


Instagram can be a wonderful platform to earn money online without falling into the hands of any easy-money-online scams. All you need to have is creativity to keep large audience engaged with your posts. If you have the influence and the ability to sell, you can make some serious bucks on Insta.

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