Apps That Will Pay You Back Your Grocery Money

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Imagine that one day, you’re just buying groceries from your favorite store. As you walk out, the store manager asks if they could see your receipt. You show them the receipt and they thoroughly check each item on your list. Then after checking, the manager proceeds to pay you back the money you spent on certain items. Would you appreciate such a gesture? Is it normal to see generosity form people like that nowadays? I doubt it. You won’t ever see any person giving your money back for your groceries.

But with apps—that’s a different story!

That scenario I just asked you to imagine—it IS possible for something like that to happen. Only it won’t be an actual person giving back the money, but an app.

There are countless apps out there that offer cashbacks and rebates for the things that you purchase—yes, even groceries! But we’re just going to look at a few of them and how you can make the most out of these few.


One of these apps is called Ibotta. When you download this app, you will be able to find offers—a grocery list that, if you buy the items included in the list within the week or so, will earn you rebates. If you are not satisfied with the offers or something you need to buy is not on the list, you can complete some tasks in the app in order to be able to add an item to the offers list. Also, doing this increases the potential money you will get from them. The more offers you add, the more money you can get back.

These offers can be from any of the 300+ retailers that are associated with Ibotta. Some offers are exclusive to a specific retailer, so make sure to double check your offers.

Taking a picture of your receipt and uploading through the app would be one of the most crucial parts of earning rebates through Ibotta. You can tap “Redeem” at the navigation bar and start uploading. You will need to make sure that the print on the receipt is readable and that no submissions are duplicated. You will be able to withdraw your money through PayPal or Venmo when you have reached a balance of at least $20.

Receipt Hog

Like Ibotta, Receipt Hog is an app that allows you to earn money by sending pictures of receipts you get from shopping for groceries. But there’s a difference—Receipt Hog allows you to shop at ANY STORE you want as long as you send them clear and readable receipts.

They just have this rule that you should not send any more than 20 receipts per week, and that—per day—you cannot send more than three receipts with the same transaction date. Otherwise, it will be bounced back to you and will not be redeemable.

The Receipt Hog app also features a daily spin. It’s like virtual slot machine where you can earn 100 coins, the amount you made on your last trip, or the $100 daily grand prize. You can also get bonuses for getting referrals on Receipt Hog. For every person who joins Receipt Hog using your referral link, you will get ten spins and they will get five.

As for the conversion of coins into real cash, Receipt Hog has one motivating rate as shown below:

1000 coins = $5

1800 coins = $20 (10% more)

3200 coins = $20 (20% more)

4500 coins = $30 (25% more)

As you can see with the trend above, your coins will be worth more as you save them up. Naturally, many Receipt Hog users find it more efficient to gather up to 4500 coins and cash out $20 rather than be hasty with redeeming their coins.


These two apps have different aspects when it comes to amount of money that can be earned and even with the versatility of their service (primarily on the scope of which retailers you can buy from). But one good thing here is that you can use these apps at the same time and use the same receipts for the both of them! How you use that advantage is up to you! Now get back some grocery money!

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