3 Simple Ways To Get Paid For Using Apps

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Making your first steps from zero dollars to a few can be quite the tedious job, right? Finding work is indeed a tedious job. You need to put in a lot of time and effort, sometimes a bit of money as well. You need to go through all the hiring process and all that.

I don’t have anything against applying for a job. I think having a job is good. The process of finding one can teach you a lot of lessons in life. But what about that time between application and hiring—that unpaid time? It’s not like money grows on trees or plants and you can just pick it up just like that. If you’re literally just waiting, how do you make ends meet?

You’re a resourceful person; you’ve probably thought of a few ways to do it. But one of those ways could be inside your pocket right now!

I’m talking about your smartphone.

You use it to call, text, send emails, play music, organize your schedule, and a whole lot more uses. But one more function you can add to that list is making money.

Apps can be programmed to do different kinds of things. You have apps for games, for learning, for calling a stranger to drive you around the city—and then there are apps you can use to easily earn money.

Let’s talk about a few of them.


With AppLike, you can find top recommended apps for you. When you download and use these apps, you will earn coins that you can convert into real money. Don’t worry, you’re not going to pay for anything here. These recommended apps are totally free. All you need to do is to install them and you earn points. The longer you use these apps, the more rewards you are going to get from AppLike.

As for redeeming your rewards, you can cash your coins out through PayPal, or you can convert them to gift cards from Amazon and Google Play.


Appzone is a lot like AppLike, but it has its own pros and cons when you compare the two apps.

  • App recommendations tailored to you – AppZone gathers data on the apps that are already installed on your phone. And based from that data, it finds and recommends the apps that will be more likely to interest you.
  • Higher and more consistent rewards – Compared to AppLike, this app offers higher rewards and it is more consistent as you use the recommended apps longer. Unlike for other apps that decrease their rewards being given over time.
  • Vast choice of cashout methods – Points earned in AppZone can be converted into many choices like Amazon, iTunes, Visa, Steam, and so on. The only downside here, probably, is that you can’t cash it out through PayPal.
  • Limited platform – Also, another con of AppZone compared to Applike is that, it’s only available on Android devices.


Tap Cash Rewards

Last but not least (probably even the best) is Tap Cash Rewards. In order to earn its credits, you also install apps and complete offers.

Aside from installing and using recommended apps, there are also other ways to earn more money by going VIP. All you need to do to switch to VIP mode is to connect the Tap Cash Rewards app with your Facebook account. This process even rewards you with points. Once unlocked, the VIP mode will allow you to earn credits through a few additional benefits.

One of these benefits of being a VIP is the Daily Login Bonus. Just by using the app every day, you earn extra credits. You will also be able to refer the app to your friends and followers. Whenever they install Tap Cash Rewards and also earn money through this app, you will be earning the additional referral credits.

As for redeeming your credits, you can get gift cards from reputable online retailers and apps, AND you can cash it out through PayPal.

As I said, this might be the best among these three apps mentioned today.


These are good apps to try out when you are on your downtime. With at least one of them installed, you will be able to run useful apps on your phone or just play games the whole day, and still make money out of it. So go ahead and try.

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