3 Easy Opportunities to Make Money Online Today

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The Internet opens the door to vast opportunities when it comes to making money. It is incredible how easily you can connect with people, groups and organizations through the Internet. These connections form the basis to make money online. Now if you have something to offer-a skill or a product, that someone is willing to pay for-an employer, then you are no longer limited by the geographical or social boundaries. Now that being said the Internet is a blessing for job seekers, but there are problems with the use of Internet for money making like scams.

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This is why we are here with 3 legitimate ways to make money online today without getting scammed.

1. Freelancing

Every business and customer can use the services of a freelancer. Whether you write, program, edit video or draw-with the right skill set you readily can find freelance opportunities online TODAY. Depending on your experience and the type of projects you have handled in the past, your earning potential will vary. There are hundreds of websites that connect freelancers and businesses, but there’s a catch. Not every website can be trusted. That’s why we personally looked into the practices of these freelancing websites and picked the most trusted ones for you.

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Odesk – The best freelancing website, this is where you can market your skills for maximum pay.

Elance – This is one of the biggest freelancer marketplace on the Internet. Competition is the harshest on the website, but if you have credentials, then earning potential is massive.

ListVerse – This one is only for writers. If you are able to create a list in any niche and get it accepted in ListVerse, the site pays you $100.

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2. Search Engine Evaluators

Most of you aren’t aware of the search engine evaluation industry. That’s for a reason-such companies have strict confidentiality. As a search engine evaluator your job is to run searches for certain products, closely evaluate the result and report it. Basically, it helps companies (mostly search engines like Google and Bing) to better their search process to be the best fit for the audience.

Our reviewers tried hard (due to non-disclosure agreement) to establish the pay potential of search engine evaluators. You can expect $10-14 per hour performing searches and reporting the results. You won’t find search engine evaluation gigs directly, but through third-party organizations.

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3. Blogging

This one is a cliché, but we are not referring to run-of- the-mill trash content, but quality writing that helps people searching for something online.

Blogging is one of the legitimate ways to start making money today. But you need to have a passion for writing and blogging should not be a task for you. If you have these qualities, then blogging can get your bills paid. To personally establish yourself as a blogger will take patience, persistence and discipline not to mention time. But you can start earning right now by writing sponsored and paid posts. Also, you can create your own product like an ebook and sell it. Infographics and video blog posts are selling hot these days as well.

Now you have 3 options to start earning today with the Internet at your helm. If any of the options interest you, try it with dedication and start earning full time.

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